How can I use my competencies and skills (even better)?

The scientifically sound LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER, which is based on the extensively researched Big Five, offers the opportunity not only to find out more about your own personality, but also which character traits characterize you, which motives guide you and which competencies you possess. A great starting point for coaching or career counseling and an equally useful tool in the ongoing coaching or career counseling process.


As a certified LPP coach, I can make you offers that are individually tailored to your needs, from a pure personality analysis using a comprehensive online questionnaire followed by a detailed face-to-face or video call feedback session to a coaching process with several sessions in which we use your LPP report in a targeted manner at the appropriate points in your coaching process.



Depending on your objective, we look at the various building blocks that make up our personality. Of course, we don't stop at pure analysis. Based on your LPP report, we work together to develop strategies for your professional future.

Building Block 1 - Character Traits

The character traits are presented using the Big Five model, which comprises five central dimensions, each with six facets and two opposing poles.

Building Block 2 - Motives

Motives are the driving forces behind the character traits and competencies that drive us to want to achieve a certain goal. Motives are therefore an integral part of personality.

Building Block 3 - Competencies

What are you particularly good at? 

The analysis covers 25 competencies that are critical to success. The result contains two pieces of information: your self-assessment and where you stand in comparison to people with a similar personality profile.