HR Project and Interim Management

  • You are a start-up and don't have a dedicated HR team (yet) and you would like to start working on HR topics early on.
  • You are an SME where the managing directors are also handling all HR matters. You see a need to professionalize this area of your business and don't want to hire anyone permanently at this point in time.
  • You need to deliver on HR projects for which you cannot or do not want to hire additional staff.

  • There is a topic you would like to tackle with a training or workshop and want to avoid the hassle of finding a provider.
  • One of your HR team members is going on parental leave and you would like to fill this position on a part-time basis and get some fresh air in at the same time.

  • You have an immediate temporary bottle neck in HR that you would like to bridge with external support.


All of the above are ideal cases to work with me as an HR Project or Interim Manager. With over twenty years in numerous HR roles in recruiting, talent and performance management and as Head of HR in different companies, industries and countries I can be up to speed quickly and support you and your team wherever needed.



Collaboration with other consulting firms


As a consulting firm you sometimes have mandates where you need a certain expertise on a temporary project base. Benefit from my experience in operational and strategic HR roles ranging from recruitment to talent and performance management, relocation of businesses and implementing unified processes.